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“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”
Winston Churchill

Ex-Forces Recruitment – Why Choose our Services?

So you’re ex-forces? Whether military or emergency services, you will have spent years in training. You will have management experience as well as being a great team player, specific skills learnt within service. You’re now a highly disciplined and work focused machine. However, your time served in service has come to an end, and it’s time to join civilian life. We work with companies that actively recognise and appreciate your skills and dedication. Companies that appreciate your training and also understand that the skills learnt in service are often more than transferable into the civilian workplace.

If you are an employer seeking recruits, then look no further as our job seekers have the training, discipline, work ethic, loyalty and skills to excel in your vacancies. Their life in service has prepared them well for the civilian workplace, and you can reap the rewards of their education. Our recruits take instruction well, are great team players, turn up on time, have less sick days and excel in the workplace due to their training. With our over 40 years experience in the recruitment business, we know how to match the right people to the right vacancies.

Ex-Forces Recruitment Global Ltd has a large number of jobs reserved especially for ex-servicemen or women. We currently have vacancies in the Automotive, Health, Retail, Manufacturing, Security, Engineering and Aerospace sectors.

We work with some highly prestigious clients such as the NHS, BAE Systems, Aston Martin, Jaguar Land Rover and the VW Group, who are looking for people with your skills, right now, so get in touch and let us help to find the right position for you.

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