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Shiralee Mahon - Prestigious Appointment - ex-forcesrecruitment.co.uk

Shiralee Mahon – Relationship Director

As Relationships Director for Ex-Forces Recruitment Global Ltd, I am driven and excited to demonstrate my 20 years’ experience in Recruitment in a role where I can put my empathy and passion for people into good use.

Often described as an enthusiastic, friendly and ambitious team player, willing to go that extra mile for almost anyone or good cause, I will always provide a shoulder to cry or lean on, an ear to talk off and help wherever I can with Customers and Candidates alike.
I get to utilise my relationship skills not only ensuring that we keep in touch with our customers across the business but also ensuring the nurturing of candidates new and old and meeting goals for them personally in achieving that new career and providing fresh talent for those businesses who can only benefit from their skills and achieve greater stability and success.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss ways in which I can help you and vice versa.


Recruitment * Resourcing * Customer Relationship Management * Networking * Supply chain *



Executive, Leadership & Motivation, Entrepreneur

Strategy & Planning, Customer Service Solutions, Resource planning,

Operations, Organisational Change management & Business transformation

Negotiating & Sales, Partnership development & Customer engagement

Lean management & Cost Reductions

Process improvements & Performance Measurement, Data analysis, Systems analysis,

People management, CRM, 360 Recruitment.

Additional Attributes:
Fluent in French & Spanish* Communication * Personable * Enthusiastic * Passionate about People * Knowledge & comprehension of German, Italian, Russian and Latin.