Sectors Serviced

Engineering – The UK has a substantial number of Engineering businesses across a broad spectrum of disciplines. The development of Jaguar Land Rover and LISI Aerospace has brought significant opportunities with the Automotive and Aerospace industry. Ex-Military Engineers (particularly REME and RN artificers) are very highly sought-after but difficult for these businesses to find. Ex-Forces Recruitment Ltd is able to source the best of these.

Construction Industry – Engineers, Project Managers, Trades, Logistics. Royal Engineers are of paramount importance to these companies who are just now beginning to expand again.

Defence Industry – All disciplines are highly sought after and companies in this sector are expanding to increase their presence with global contracts.

Satcom’s Companies – Ex-Royal Signals Personnel are always in demand in this arena and a number of commercial sub-contractors are picking up BT Tele-communications contracts due to old network equipment being replaced.

Executives – Many corporate organisations are looking for strong leadership at Executive level and require Managers who are fast, accurate decision makers with the confidence to inspire teams. Ex-Forces Recruitment Ltd are able to source these Personnel and, as such, we are well placed to offer a USP that many of these companies won’t have come across before.

These are just some of the examples of the variety of businesses that will require ex-armed service knowledge and skills throughout the UK.

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