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Social Care Recruitment

According to the Health Foundation, there are over 80,000 vacancies for adult social care jobs in England alone at any given point. It is a very dynamic sector (there are plans to integrate health and social care) and very rewarding for those whose vocation and experience match the requirements of their roles. There are expected to be 1.7 million new job opportunities by 2020.

In 2016 there are an estimated 20,300 organisations in England providing adult social care alone with about 1.6 million people working in the sector (1.5% more than 2015 and 19% more than 2009).

The health care sector is looking for professionals and world-class managers. The greatest needs are for planning, communication, customer handling, team working and problem-solving skills. 52% of vacancies are in care related occupations.

We believe that ex-military personnel have just the kinds of skill needed to help young disillusioned people find their way back into society or providing personal and practical support so that older people can live their lives to the full. Our experts will be able to give you feedback on your match to particular roles and we will be able to coach you in key areas of competence.

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